Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey ya'll!

And by "ya'll" I guess I mean my one follower, LOL.

Anyhow, great news on the blogging front. I just replaced my broken camera! I had a Canon PowerShot SD990 IS camera that I purchased from Circuit City before it bit the big one in the world of retail. Big clearances for the store meant an excuse for me to spend, spend, spend! I reasoned that it was time for an upgrade in camera quality and this beauty had it all! 14.7 megapixels! That was a lot of MP to me as my previous point and shoot cameras only went up to 10ish MPs. And as I researched I saw that a lot of SLR cameras didn't necessarily have that many MPs either. (I have learned a lot about cameras since this point in my life, so I now know that a high MP is not everything.) Anyway, this baby was selling for $399.99. I just this camera up on google. Amazon has this camera going for $600+.

So with a stellar camera like the Canon SD990 IS why would I ever need another camera? Well, apparently Canon SD990 ISs are not soda proof. A trip to the movies without my camera in the case and a couple of smuggled in cans of Pepsi that got punctured in the process and...well, now I needed a new camera.

The camera actually still works, but the screen is all sticky and the gears are all jammed up with high fructose corn syrup. I used rubbing alcohol to try and remove a lot of the sugar, but this may or may not have made things worse. Bottom line is, I love the Macro setting on my camera. With a junked up LCD screen, I cannot see the fine details of the macro setting, rendering the camera almost useless to me. So this is the new camera on the block:

The Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS. Coming in a close second with 14.1 MPs, this little one is roughly half the thickness of the SD990, smaller in length and width and is all around more streamlined than it's predecessor.

And double plus bonus points, this camera films in HD 720i quality. So when I finally lose 50 pounds and get up the nerve, I will have a perfect pocket-sized camera to film HD videos to jump start my YouTube career, LOL. More practically, the camera will be available for me to film myself student teacher (probably just as good a reason to still drop that 50 pounds!)

But more to the point of this blog entry, now that I have a functioning camera (the old one kicked the bucket sometime in late '09) I can take my pictures that I want to share with my readers, whether it's nail polish swatches, or yummy food (seems to be quite popular with bloggers) or flowers I've arranged, a smoking makeup look, my latest FO (finished object) fresh off the needles or ANYTHING. I'm so excited to get crackin' on this new frontier!

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