Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today is my birthday...

That feels weird to say. I never hint at people, or ever expect anyone to get me anything. I've never had a surprise party (that's not to say I haven't had nice surprises on my birthday) and maybe it's because I'm never that squeaky wheel looking for grease. I only have one real friend (who is not a family member) and we live far away from each other now because we go to different colleges. Anyway, I thought I would tell you 11 readers that today is my birthday. I feel like someone should know.

Anyway, onto fun stuff. On a cooler note, my birthday falls on a Sunday manicure day! I'm looking at my collection and wondering what special birthday polish I'll choose...

...update later.


  1. happy birthday my friend! I hope it's full of cake and love and all good things. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!! And how do you get up so early on a Sunday, anyways? Have a fantastic day. Don't forget to show us pics of your mani!