Monday, August 1, 2011

Fitness and Weekend Update

Hey ya'll! I have to admit, sometimes I don't know what to post. And I am already a little late meeting my challenge this week :-/ Sahrry.

I thought I'd give a little weightloss/fitness update. So far I am down 12.4 pounds. I have been slaking off a bit, but I am recharged and ready for a fresh Monday start! I skipped every single regular gym day last week which explains the stall and minute backslide on the scale. I have a goal to meet. I agreed with my sister that I would lose 20 pounds before we head to Vegas for a weekend 21st birthday celebration for her. I have about 3 weeks left to crank up the disciplined eating and physical activities. I know I can meet this goal if I really try.

FYI, my sister wants to lose 20 pounds too. She won't meet that goal, though she did lose a bit a weight before her vacation. She'll probably put that lost weight back on during her vacation (don't we all put on weight on vacation?) but she might lost anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds before we head off to Vegas. My mother tells me I look thinner, and I can definitely tell it in my clothes, but the weight isn't coming off in the places I would like (LOL, it never does). But my arms are starting to look thinner, which is great because I definitely like to rock sleeveless styles in my wardrobe.

But enough about the weightloss...

For more fun stuff, I went to an outlet mall this weekend. There is one in Carlsbad, CA (near San Diego) and I showed AMAZING self control. I am trying to hang onto any superfluous funds right now so I have a little money to play with in Las Vegas and so that I can afford my spinning wheel when it is ready to ship (sometime in mid to late August.) Oh, you didn't know I spin fiber (wool, silk, mohair, etc) into yarn? Well, that's whole different post for another time...

At the outlet I saw lots and lots of goodies that I REALLY wanted to buy. But I mad a deal with myself: look through all the stores first, without buying anything, then go back and make the rounds on things you still want to buy. I am glad I did because every time I went into a cosmetics company store, I had a handful of items I wanted to buy before I got to the back of the store! But I kept telling myself "Self, you have so much makeup as it is. You work hard for your money! Does a new makeup item similar to something you already have really make you that happy?" Plus, before we arrived at the outlet I told my mom that every time I took out my wallet to buy something to whisper into my ear, "but, I thought you wanted that new spinning wheel?" Boy, that worked! Eyes on the prize, Ashley!

I did end up making a few purchases based on pseudo-need and an insanely good deals on something that I would have gladly paid full price. I splurged on a pair of Coach sunglasses. Buying designer sunglasses always scares me a bit. It is only a matter of time before I scratch ANY pair of sunglasses I own - cheap or designer. I had a penchant for Ed Hardy sunglasses (please, keep the poser/douche comments to yourself - I LIKE THINGS THAT SPARKLE!) but my current pair, aside from being a little scratched, pinches my head behind me ears pretty badly. I am the one who always drives everywhere and I find that a workhorse pair of sunglasses is a necessity. When my sunglasses pinch, it bugs me. I drive long commutes sometimes and the pinching gets to be a pain. The particular pair of sunglasses I picked out are much lower profile (I usually opt for huge Jackie O sunglasses) and were a very comfortable fit. Considering that the sunglasses only rang up to $67.00 with tax, I thought I did fairly well. I would have paid more for a pair of Ed Hardys or Michael Kors. Now I just have to work up the guts to wear them, LOL! J/K!

The other purchase I made was a Khiel's packaged set of facial creams and treatments. I have been eyeing Khiel's for a long time - particularly the facial cream and avocado eye cream. I saw that they had two boxed sets with these creams. The other items in the sets were a facial oil (I have extremely oily skin and applying more oil to it freaks me out) and the other product was a wrinkle treatment. I couldn't decide which I wanted to try, so I marched up the the checkout counter and told the sales person I wanted to buy whichever set was cheaper. The set with the wrinkle treatment was $30 cheaper, so that's what I bought! The cheaper set did contain a trial sized facial oil, so I can still give it a go! I am really happy about the find because I would have gladly paid full price for those Khiel's items a la carte, and I was planning to when I made my trip out to Las Vegas. Major score!

So I passed up the Bobbi Brown color corrector, concealer, and shimmer brick for Coach and Khiel's. I'm happy I kept the spending down because I do really want that spinning wheel!

Thanks for reading. I have misplaced my point and shoot camera and would like to provide ya'll with pictures. I gotta find that freakin' camera!!!

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