Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Swap!!!

Twice in one day? Boy are YOU lucky...

Here are pictures of my very first swap! I have never successfully completed a swap before. I have only ever been in preliminary talks about swapping. And in both instances, I was never able to get back in contact with the people who initiated the swap. Oh well. This swap with worked out! I present my new Tokodoki Diamante Cromatico Palette:

Tokidoki Diamante Cromatico Palette Packaging
Super cute outside packaging - clear lucite with an animated graphic on top

Tokidoki Diamante Cromatico Palette Charm
The angry little charm inside of the cube, under the palette

Tokidoki Diamante Cromatico Palette Swatches and Inside
The 4 palette colors and swatches: Diamante, light frosty neutral with chunky glitter; Rubino, a frosty taupe; Romeo, a deep burgandy frost; Nancy Rocks, a frosty medium purple.

Tokidoki Diamante Cromatico Palette Swatches Blended Out
Swatches blended out.

These shadows seem quite comparable in formula to Urban Decay Shadows. I am pretty excited to try them out. I am very curious about Romeo. The crease color possibilities are intriguing to me as I don't usually use a color like this (I'm not even sure if I have a similar color in my collection.)

When I complete an eye look with this, I will post pictures.

Thanks for the swap Thu!

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  1. dude.. I am a ho for tokidoki. it's not even funny.

    I tagged you!