Tuesday, May 10, 2011

See, the thing is...

...that I am a perfectionist. I tend not to attempt things if I don't think I can give it 110%.

Like this blog, for instance. I think all the time to myself in my everyday life, "this should be a blog post" or "you should upload these pictures to flickr and write a blog entry about it." But then I fall back to that perfectionist mentality and decide to skip it.

I am pretty proud of the blog entries I have so far. I would like to add more entries of which to be proud.

1.) Stop avoiding posting to this blog because you think you won't live up to your own idea of perfection. Who would read a blog that only receives update once every two months?

2.) This isn't War and Peace or Homer's Iliad. Keep your updates concise and to the point. Post shorter blogs more frequently, if necessary.

3.) This blog is primarily for your own enjoyment. You do not supplement your income with this blog nor are you being policed by readers or your 11th grade AP English teacher. Just write. For fun.

That is all. Don't think, just do.

...but it's OK to think while you do...

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