Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yep, every two months is about right...

Hello again. I can't believe I have even more readers. I don't deserve you. Really, I don't.


I watch a professional Youtuber named Shay Butler. He presented himself with a challenge. On his 29th birthday he wanted to do something he considered epic. He decided he would post a vlog (video log) on youtube everyday for the last year of his twenties. Shay completed his year long challenge and is now a top 100 Youtuber (his channels hold the number 42 and 47 spot on the most subscribed to users on Youtube) and is living an incredible life because of his self-imposed challenge.

I've always liked challenges...

I am going to challenge myself. Recently, I have been losing weight. I am about a month in and have lost 10lbs. This has been a slow process. I hope to have another 10lbs gone by mid August. But if there is something I have learned about weight loss is that it is a marathon and not a sprint. It's been hard coming to that conclusion, but it is the reality.

So I figure I will start out slow, just like the weight loss. It's been a long month, and the numbers on the scale seem to take two steps forward and one step back on a daily basis. I realize my challenge in blogging may take two steps forward and one step back, but at least it will be progress.

Here is my first blogging challenge. Blog once a week for a month. That's it. It could be more (like the pounds on the scale) but it can't be less. And the blog can be able whatever I want. No pressure will be on the subject. Most of the stuff that interests me is girly anyway, so it should still be relevant to the title of this blog.

You can do it Ashley; I know you can.

Oh and by the way, this entry doesn't count.


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