Monday, June 28, 2010

NOTD...a week late.

Hey there! Last week threw me for a loop, but I am trying to get back into the swing of things. This is the manicure I wore all last week:

Blue and White Polka Dots

For this manicure I used Essie's Looking for Love as the base (which looks like a lilac in the bottle, but as blue a lilac as you can get before turning into an actual blue), Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Brisk Blue for the french tip, and Orly's White Out for the polka dots!

I enjoyed wearing this manicure so much this past week. I have tons of colors to swatch coming up and will try to post once a day for the rest of this week. I am already backlogged terribly and don't want to fall any further behind! I can't start swatching tonight for the sun has gone down and I really want nice pictures of these swatches, but tonight I will paint my nails Mr. Wrong from Hard Candy. It's one of my newest bottles and I am very excited to acquire this lemming.

In unrelated news, my financial aid came through today and Igot my student teaching assignment! No high school (which is a major bummer because that is the grade level at which I wish to teach) but I got paired with some really good teachers.

That's it for now, I will be back tomorrow with some awesome bottle shots (at the very least) of the newest bottles I have purchased!



  1. Thank you!

    You are my first commenter ever! You should get a prize!

  2. Hey Ashley, if you're going for a single subject credential -- which is what you need for high school -- why wouldn't your student teaching assignment be at a high school? To what grade did your program assign you?

  3. @Carleen

    My credential is single subject, but it allows me to teach any age. So I could very well end up teaching at an elementary school when I get a job after student teaching (though it is not my first choice.) I was assigned 10 weeks to a K-5 program and 10 weeks to a 6-8. I was also told I would have observations at the high school level.

    I also was told that these days (a lot more than in the past) schools are not very willing to accept student teachers anymore. The student teacher supervisors told us that it is completely at the discression of schools whether or not they will take on student teachers. I thought there was some small monetary compensation for the school, but I am not exactly sure how the whole things works. Also, I was sent the e-mail telling me about my assignment from my professor who is currently on vacation, and asked us not to contact her until the 19th, unless it is an emergency. I will shoot my mentor teacher an e-mail soon, but until the 19th, I'm not sure how much more info I will have on the topic.

  4. Gah, that makes no sense! The ginormous differences between K-5 students and high school kids alone is reason not to put a single subject credential seeker in that age group. However, classroom management might not be all that different, LOL!

    I guess the credential programs at CSULB and CSUF aren't as similar as I thought they were. A single subject credential from CSUF entitles the holder to teach only the subject named on it; for K-5 teachers, the multiple subject credential is required.

    The reluctance of schools to take on student teachers has more to do with politics than anything else. Master teachers are so concerned about the damn No Child Left Behind Act and standardized test scores because for many, it literally means their jobs. As a result, too many of them are not willing to take on the added responsibility of showing a future teacher the ropes.

    Just wait -- you'll soon see the sorry state of education in this country. Be sure that you have a box of Kleenex handy when you do, though.

  5. I know. Alexis is working on a liberal arts degree so she can teach K-5. She does have to take music in her curriculum, but since it is not considered a "core" subject, I guess most K-5 teachers don't bother teachings. Instead most schools opt for a pull out music program in K-5 schools. Teachers love it because it gives them their badly needed prep time when the kids are off to music class.

    In the single subject credential program we split out 20 week semester between 2 different schools. I do like that I will be learning how to teach K-5 since it is probably my weakest teaching hat I wear, but it would have been nice to have some hands-on experience in the high school level classroom as well.