Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seche FAIL

So remember how I obtained a bottle of Seche Recondition from Sally Beauty Supply as a gift with purchase and I said I would give this a shot and see what it could do for my nails?


Sorry if I just made you lose your lunch. I'll give fair warning next time.

I'll post something lovely a little later to make up for this.


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  2. Darn it, I just wanted to edit my post, not delete it. Anyway.
    Your poor nails. Is that what the re-conditioner did to them or is that the damage didn't help? Either way I won't be investing in that product.

  3. Ugh, I don't have any idea what has happened to my nails. All I know is that they don't usually look like this. They are completely peeling. But what is unusual is that they are peeling all over the nail. It's just awful. Thankfull, it doesn't hurt or anything, and my nails are suprisingly long for being in such bad condition.

    ...wait a minute. As I type this I really sat and thought about what happened to my nails. I got a salon mani for my college graduation about a month ago and they have looked like this ever since then. So this is not the fault of the Seche Recondition (but it is pretty safe to say that the Seche Recondition is not helping) but rather the fault of the salon somehow. I always think their base coat is crap. It never protects my nails from discoloring and it always mars them in some way. I never shrink from bringing my own polish colors to the salon, but I think it is bad form to bring my own base and top coat. Maybe I should.

  4. When I was getting acrylics done that's what my nails would look like after having one pulled off. A basic mani shouldn't do that. If you continue to go there you should most certainly take your own base/top coats. You know what works best for you.